The Economic Benefits of Electric Cars

Banbury, a town rich in heritage and community spirit, is undergoing a transportation revolution. Zimbl, a homegrown electric vehicle (EV) rental service, is leading this charge, blending the convenience of modern mobility with our shared commitment to sustainability. This article explores the transformative impact of Zimbl on our daily lives and the wider benefits it brings to our beloved Oxfordshire.

Zimbl EV available in Oxford Redbridge park and ride.

The True Cost of Car Ownership

In the UK, the hidden costs of car ownership add up quickly beyond the initial purchase. With expenses like finance charges at £5400/year, insurance at £500/year, tax at £165/year, maintenance at £400/year, and fuel at £1400/year, the total annual cost becomes a substantial burden. This expense is even more striking when considering average use – just one hour per day – skyrocketing the cost to around £21 per hour. When you do the calculations for a households second car (which is on average only used for a few hours per week), the costs become even worse, to the point of lunacy; we have to ask ourselves, is car ownership really viable in these economic times?

For those who primarily use their cars to commute to and from work, the expense of owning a vehicle becomes even more glaring. Consider the hours your car spends parked at the workplace or at home, significantly reducing its actual usage. This is where the Zimbl daily commuters club steps in as a game-changer for working professionals and parents in Oxfordshire.

Zimbl Daily Commuters Club

Zimbl’s electric vehicle rental service offers a smart and cost-effective solution for daily commuters in Banbury. Our daily commuter car rental provides a cheap alternative to car ownership, allowing you to access EVs on an as-needed basis. With our hourly car hire and car hire on the go, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with owning a car. This service not only alleviates financial stress but also promotes sustainable living.

For only £299/month*, you get access to 50 hours in our electric car. Booking is required in advance. Book an electric vehicle for your school runs, food shopping, running errands, getting to work, or any other daily needs.

To discover more about how you can benefit from Zimbl’s daily commuters club follow us on social media and contact us to enquire.

The Real Cost of Renting our Electric Cars

Switching to Zimbl offers significant economic benefits, especially considering the fluctuating fuel prices and often hefty parking charges in Oxfordshire. In contrast, Zimbl’s EV rental service, priced at just £8 per hour or £80 per day, presents a more predictable and cost-effective alternative. Recharging a Zimbl vehicle is impressively economical, costing only £0.30/kWh. This means a full charge, providing ample range for typical local travel, amounts to Less than £20. This pricing structure, combined with the elimination of unpredictable fuel costs and parking fees, makes Zimbl an attractive option for Oxfordshire residents, particularly for short commutes and routine errands. Zimbl enhances the value of its service with a unique offering: the first 5kWh of battery usage for each rental is free of charge, giving you about 15 miles of driving at no extra cost.

Zimbl electric town car - Nissan Leaf.

The Zimbl Fleet: Tailored for the Zimbl User

At Zimbl, we pride ourselves on offering a fleet that not only meets but anticipates the diverse needs of Oxfordshire residents. Our lineup features the spacious MG5 estates, perfect for family adventures, alongside the highly adaptable Maxus eDeliver 3 van, which excels in transporting bulkier items or handling substantial pickups, such as large furniture or appliances. We’ve recently enhanced our lineup with the addition of the Nissan Leaf, a town car celebrated for its comfort and ease in urban settings. Each vehicle in our fleet is automatic, ensuring effortless driving experiences. They are equipped with instant heating and cooling systems, providing optimal comfort in both hot and cold weather. Our customers often commend the incredibly smooth driving experience our cars offer. As we continually evolve to meet your demands, we’re excited about future additions to our fleet and will keep you updated through our social media channels. Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned for more on our ever-expanding range of vehicles, each designed to make your journey in Oxfordshire as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Personal Touch: The Zimbl Team

The brains behind Zimbl are Banbury locals themselves, our co-founders – Richard Devitt, Andrew Christoforou – are deeply invested in the community. Richard, particularly involved in the day-to-day operations, offers a highly personal service. He strives to meet each customer’s unique needs, ensuring comfort and satisfaction with every Zimbl vehicle. Their innovative approach, including the use of a foldable electric bike for efficient operations, adds a unique, cost-effective touch. This hands-on leadership and local insight ensures that Zimbl remains closely aligned with the needs and values of Oxfordshire residents, continually adapting to serve you better. To read more about Zimbl, visit our website!

Testimonials from Zimbl Users:

Hear from fellow Oxfordshire residents who’ve experienced Zimbl’s benefits first-hand. From saving money on daily commutes to relying on Zimbl for special occasions, these stories bring to life the practicality and value of Zimbl in our community.

“Amazing service, so impressed with Zimbl! We had our car in the garage for 7 weeks so it was a lifesaver having the flexibility to hire when needed. App was simple and intuitive and overall value for money and service was first rate, highly recommend them!” – Will Warren

“Fantastic service. Incredibly simple process from hiring through the app, delivery of the van and use of the vehicle. Richard was fantastic at explaining how to use certain features on the EV and app. Hourly hire was ideal for me who only needed to pop and collect a sofa 20 minutes up the road so far more economical than hiring from other services that charge by the day. Will definitely use again.” – Codey Simons

Conclusion: Zimbl’s Role in Oxfordshire’s Future

Zimbl stands as more than just a business in Oxfordshire; it embodies a movement towards a future that values sustainability, connectivity, and efficiency. By integrating Zimbl into our daily lives, we are not only embracing a sustainable service but also participating in a cultural shift. This shift brings with it significant environmental benefits, such as reduced carbon emissions and a push towards cleaner, renewable energy sources. Economically, it offers a smarter way of commuting, saving costs on fuel, maintenance, and other expenses associated with car ownership. Zimbl’s presence in Oxfordshire, and its expansion across Oxfordshire, is a testament to the area’s progressive spirit and its commitment to innovation.

As Zimbl expands and connects more and more villages, towns and cities, it will become possible to not only embrace a future without relying on Internal Combustion Engine’s for personal transport, it will be possible to travel in an EV from one location to another, with the consumer only paying for the time they are traveling. That EV will then be used by other consumers, allowing for many users to share a single vehicle, cutting down on traffic, parking, pollution, while still providing the users with the convenience of vehicle ownership at a fraction of the cost.