Rt Hon Victoria Prentis visits Banbury’s first Net Zero EV Charging base

Banbury MP and Attorney General, Rt Hon Victoria Prentis, spent time with the local hourly EV hire company, Zimbl, at their Net Zero Banbury Hub Charging Base last Thursday (12th October) as part of a scheduled visit to understand more about EV hire, MaaS (or Mobility as a Service) and the wider environmental impacts companies like Zimbl are aiming to address.

Banbury MP at Zimbl.

The MP was suitably impressed by Zimbl’s unique approach to reducing car ownership and carbon reduction across Banbury and was excited about the possibilities and benefits that EV hire brings to modern living – including her own family life.

Zimbl has subsequently been introduced to cross-party stakeholder MP’s in the region and the Minister for Roads and Local Transport to generate further support for EV access in the region.

Rt Hon Victoria Prentis, MP for Banbury, said: “It was great to visit Zimbl, a unique EV micro-rental company situated in the heart of Banbury. Founders Richard, Andrew and Elton are on a mission to promote more ecological driving and reduce carbon emissions. I really enjoyed the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of their vehicles.”

Richard Devitt, Co-founder of Zimbl said: “It was touch and go if the visit would go ahead due to pressing international events announced on the day, but we were grateful Madam Attorney insisted on visiting Zimbl en route to Downing Street. We were delighted to have the opportunity to explain our vision and the successes in delivering our unique EV Car Hire By The Hour across Banbury and Oxford.”

With its consumer model on an upward trajectory, Zimbl is now rapidly expanding its b2b model in numerous communities across the UK with a variety of partners like hotels, developers, and councils, in a bid to change business behaviours and promote alternate mobility solutions.

Zimbl recently became an official supplier to the Oxfordshire County Council EV Car Club pilot scheme, offering residents affordable and convenient access to EV vehicles.

Richard added: “Zimbl is passionate about reducing car ownership and carbon reduction and we enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate that our commercially driven, and sensibly self-perpetuating community ecosystem approach is the best way to solve those real-world problems.”