Revolutionising Electric Mobility in Banbury

Discover the electrifying world of EVs as Zimbl embarks on a remarkable journey at a breakneck pace. Zimbl, Banbury’s newest car hire business and its only EV hire business, has transformed from a pioneering start-up into an established business, celebrating our 6-month anniversary and catering to a rapidly expanding customer base. From ground-breaking services to unparalleled customer experiences, let’s delve into the exciting developments that have propelled Zimbl’s electrifying evolution.

Zimbl founders by Zimbl cars.

Our start-up fleet of MG5’s has been a tremendous success, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone who has tried them. As a driver myself, I am a huge fan of these EVs, thanks to their perfect combination of size, top-notch finishings, exceptional comfort, impressive driving range, and the sheer power of electric mobility when you need it. From a business perspective, these EVs have proven to be outstanding, with not a single mechanical or electronics problem encountered thus far (knocking on wood to appease the Gods and avoid tempting fate!). Our custom app, designed to manage bookings and enable convenient unlocking of the Zimbl EVs on command, has played a crucial role in ensuring a seamless experience. We actively encourage and greatly appreciate feedback and reviews from all our customers, as it helps us continually enhance our service. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any ideas or suggestions to make your Zimbl experience even better!

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We have a full compliment of Free of Charge car seats for 0-4yr olds and 4-12yr olds, that come pre-installed prior to your booking. We also have a brand-new dog guard with blankets and rubber guard mat which we are also offering FOC to anyone who wants to take their 4-legged friends in the EV with them.

We have created and upgraded our charging yard with not one, not two but three charging stations, including our 100kw Super-Fast Charger which we are now offering as a bespoke charging service to the Banbury locals.  If anyone would like to support their local EV business and get to use a Fast Charger at a competitive price, we have you covered. Just get in touch with us to book a slot and we will get you charged up for only 65p per kWh.

We have been tirelessly enhancing our marketing efforts, revamping our website, social media platforms, and app to provide you with an exceptional digital experience. With the addition of our talented and creative marketing expert, Evan (fingers crossed they won’t delete this line before publishing the blog), we are committed to spreading the word about Zimbl and our ground-breaking services throughout the local community. To ensure maximum outreach, we have partnered with No Fluff Communications. We eagerly anticipate your presence at upcoming local events where you can engage with us, explore our impressive fleet of EVs, and have all your queries about Zimbl and EVs answered. Stay connected by following us on FaceBook and LinkedIn for exciting updates and exclusive content.

We have new EV’s due in at any time, including our first Van, the Maxus ED3.  This is an excellent van, gives all the carrying size individuals or businesses could need along with the range to get the job done.  Get in touch with us if you’re interested in booking it!

The MG4 is also en route to us, it is smaller and more compact than its bigger estate counterpart, but with all the power and range of the MG5.  And, after my extended test drive, I can attest that its both awesome fun to drive and fits the needs of a car-seat family!

Now I must talk to you about my personal obsession- The E-Carver One.  This is perhaps the coolest thing I have ever driven, and I’ve flown a helicopter solo! For many of us there is a car, or bike that we have seen in film or on TV, test driven at a show or just seen in the street and it suddenly it’s the vehicle that in our heads becomes “that’s my car!” Perhaps its James Bonds Aston Martin, or Lady Penelope’s Rolls Royce, or Steve McQueen jumping the border on a motorbike.  For me, it was seeing the Carver One on Top Gear over a decade ago.  After the original company went out of business having only made a few hundred units, I had the opportunity to test drive the original petrol version and absolutely loved it, never had so much fun driving.  With its 2-seater cockpit that tilts in the chassis frame as you corner, it’s awesome. Just Awesome. I had the opportunity to buy one 2nd hand, but I bottled it.  And I have regretted it ever since.  Until now. 

When several of us went to the Fully Charged Live show this year I was hoping to test drive some new EV’s, show our brand, make some new contacts, perhaps find some new hardware or software options for our expansion.  But what I found was the car of my dreams re-born as an EV, and I have been working on it ever since.  I’m hoping to bring it to you for hourly rental soon so you can all see what I see – that this is one of those vehicles that brings joy back to driving. As soon as we work out the insurance, the finance, the maintenance requirements, and the necessary upgrades with Zimbl technology, we will proudly offer the E-Carver One for hourly rental in Banbury, allowing everyone to experience the sheer joy and exhilaration it brings to driving. If anyone would like to register their interest in any of these EVs, head on over to our home page and hit the enquire button.

We express our sincere gratitude to all of you for being a part of this incredible journey with us. Stay connected by following Zimbl on our social media channels for the latest updates and be part of the exciting evolution of electric mobility!