Zimbl Long-Term Car Rental

Business or Personal

In need of a car but can’t afford to purchase one? Let Zimbl purchase it for you and take care of the maintenance while you simply take care of insurance and charging.

Zimbl car at the Beers of America used for business purposes.

A Car Without the Financial Burden

Affordable & Predictable

Enjoy the perks of having an EV without the hefty price tag. No surprises, just one fixed monthly fee!

Sustainability Made Simple

We handle the purchase and maintenance; you just insure and charge it. It’s your eco-friendly fleet upgrade made easy!

Trusted by Leaders

We’re proud to partner with The Beers of America, our first customer to embrace this innovative service. 

See if you can benefit from a long-term car rental with Zimbl!

Our service is customised to align seamlessly with the specific needs of each client, ensuring an ideal match for both businesses and individuals.

We’re thrilled to announce our NEW Long-Term Rental Option—an affordable, sustainable solution for businesses and individuals looking to switch to electric vehicles, without the commitment of years of finance agreements to purchase a depreciating asset. Why buy when you can enjoy all the benefits of a Zimbl EV at a fixed monthly fee*, tailored to your needs, to give you a cost-effective and sustainable personal transport option?

Business Benefits: Transitioning your fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) with Zimbl isn’t just about innovation; it’s financially savvy too. Businesses can reclaim VAT on the rental costs, providing significant savings. Moreover, by switching to electric, your company can reduce carbon emissions, contributing to your sustainability goals and enhancing your corporate image. Our long-term EV rentals offer predictable budgeting with no surprise maintenance costs, empowering you to invest more in what truly matters—your business growth and environmental responsibility.

*Subject to terms and conditions.