Corporate solutions

Zimbl is increasingly working holistically with various organisations and local authorities. Our MaaS expertise is a benchmark for employers serious about their sustainability goals.



We can help you ‘be good’, ‘look good’, ‘feel good’ and save money and the planet. We can even help you make money!

ZIMBL provide full holistic MaaS solutions including but not limited to our proprietary EV software for white-labeled fleet management to solar, HVO & legacy fed charging points and even mobile charging for event companies and temporary infrastructure needs.

ZIMBL works with wide-ranging corporate and institutional partners to underpin their core business/ services with sustainable and potentially profitable resources.

These include but are not limited to:-

  • MaaS fleet management software solutions & apps
  • Charging infrastructure and supporting electricity resources
  • Ongoing management & support
  • Hourly charged EV vehicles 24/7 for staff & guests
  • Consulting and advisory services

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